Who we are

Energy Group Consultants

We are the direct customer acquisition arm of our clients, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies with operations ranging from local to worldwide markets. With a wide array of customer acquisition service offerings, we are sure to find a solution that fits any and all customer acquisition requirements.



-Door to Door D2D:

We recruit, hire, train and manage Sales Teams to deliver results that meet our customers/suppliers needs. Our teams are trained to engage in residential and commercial (B2B) sales which gives us the ability to increase target markets and sales revenue for our national clientele.




-Business to Business (B2B):

E.G.C. partners our clients and business-to-business sales agents to provide business solutions by building strong client relationships. We are able to gain a sense of business goals and provide professional representation of your company, while maintaining our main goal increasing clients market and sales outcomes.




-Retail Marketing Strategies:

We are able to accommodate our clients by providing Retail Marketing in any retail setting. E.G.C. will customize our retail approach in order to fit the needs of our clients. With customer retention and loyalty as our main priority, we provide trained staff members to meet our clients’ goals in every situation.



We manage and develop strategies to specifically meet our clients’ needs/goals. We do so by assisting your businesses growth by letting your internal employees focus on specific business needs and play on their strengths. We also recognize that fine-tuning a telemarketing campaign can stimulate the necessary branding needed for your business as well.